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What is an unhealthy lifestyle illness?
Preventing against unhealthy lifestyle illnesses (a campaign against The Five Ss)
Seven habits for healthy living

What is an Unhealthy Lifestyle Illness?
In Japan the three main causes of death are cancer, stroke, and heart disease.

These illnesses are often caused by such conditions as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity (also known as "a quartet of death"). In recent years the rate of these conditions has increased.

Studies have shown that these illnesses are not only caused by such factors as aging and genetics, but can also be prompted by unhealthy lifestyle habits. These include improper eating habits (which is easy to fall into in our present age), lack of exercise, excessive drinking, smoking, and stress.

For this reason this group of diseases have become known as "unhealthy lifestyle illnesses."

Features of an unhealthy lifestyle illness
1.Primarily caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits.

2.Because the period before symptoms appear is long, the disease will have reached a fairly advanced stage when symptoms are seen

3.As symptoms worsen, effective treatment will become more difficult

Preventing Against Unhealthy Lifestyle Illnesses (a campaign against The Five Ss)
Preventing against unhealthy lifestyle illnesses is based on correcting poor lifestyle habits. The campaign against The Five Ss is part of the US Improvements in health campaign, a "Wellness" campaign.This campaign aims to preserve and control wellness (health, vigor, and vitality) through illness prevention.
Would you like to participate in the campaign against The Five Ss and begin today to correct your unhealthy lifestyle choices?
Ingesting large amounts of salt can cause hypertension, heart disease, and stroke. Try to limit salt intake to less than 10g a day.Avoid the excessive intake of processed instant foods and boiled fish paste.

Sedentary Lifestyle
As transportation methods have become more convenient, people are walking less.This situation has contributed to a weakening in people's health.To preserve our good health, we need to walk more. It is important to remember to walk at a pace rapid enough to generate slight body sweat.Walking also helps alleviate stress and maintain proper function of the heart and lungs.

Reduce snacking and light meals.Try instead to eat three regular meals a day.Snacks such as potato chips are higher in calories than you may think. Obesity causes many adult diseases.


Today the percentage of young men and women smoking is high. Smoking can cause heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer, and chronic bronchitis in the future.
For your health, avoid smoking.


Be careful not to consume too much sugar. Don't buy sweets, eat them, or serve them to others.
Consuming too much fruit is also not good for your health.


Preventing Against Unhealthy Lifestyle Illnesses (a campaign against The Five Ss)
1970s research study conducted in the United States called the Framingham Study, it was confirmed that seven healthy habits had an influence on human life span.

The study showed that people who observed more than six of the seven healthy habits lived an average of thirty-three years beyond the age of forty-five. In contrast, those people who observed only three of the seven healthy habits, lived an average of twenty-one years beyond the age of forty-five.

How many items can you answer "yes" to?

‡@ Do not smoke

‡A Exercise in moderation each day.

‡B Do not drink too much alcohol

‡C Regularly sleep seven-eight hours a night

‡D Maintain your proper weight

‡E Eat breakfast regularly


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