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NO1 “Step on the scales to check your weight,every morning after you pee”
Although some people think it is fine to weigh yourwsself whenever you like, they are wrong.
A better rule to follow is to step on the scales after urinating in the morning. If you weigh yourself after eating, your weight may have increased by one or two pounds. However, this extra weight should not be considered to be part of your true weight. The reason why you should check your weight each day is that sudden weight loss or weight gain can be symptoms of such health problems as diabetes,hypert
hyroidism, cancer, depression, or congestive heart failure.

Your proper weight is called your ideal weight, and can be determined by using the following formula:
" Raise your height to the second power to find your ideal weight. "

To calculate your ideal weight, you then simply multiply your squared height by 22. In this way, the ideal weight of a person who is 160 cm tall will be 1.6 x 1.6 x 22, in other words, 56 kilograms or 123 pounds.
Statistics have shown that people whose weight remains close to this ideal weight are less prone to disease and health problems requiring medical attention. If more people understood that maintaining one's ideal weight is important in ensuring longevity, they would probably work harder to maintain a healthy diet. In reality, most of us sound more like one of these people:

"It is hard to become slim through dieting."
" If you diet, you loose a pound but gain back two."
" If you diet, you loose an ounce but gain back a pound."

People can also be heard muttering:
" Please Mr. Scales, lie to me sometimes."
When some people simply give up-
" the fat rolls return."

According to one statistic seventy-percent of the people who step on the scales hold in their stomachs. It is also said that some people step on the scales gently while holding their breath in order to lessen their weight. What about you?
Remember though, "No matter how you step on the scales, you will always weigh the same."


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